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Norton Rose Group is a leading international
legal practice with more than 2,900 lawyers.
The group offers an integrated business law
service from 43 offices throughout Europe,
Asia-Pacific, Canada, Africa, Central Asia, the
Middle East and Latin America. It specialises
in six industry sectors: financial institutions;
energy; infrastructure, mining and
commodities; transport; technology and
innovation; and pharmaceuticals and life
sciences. Norton Rose Group comprises
Norton Rose LLP, Norton Rose Australia,
Norton Rose Canada, Norton Rose South
Africa (incorporated as Deneys Reitz Inc)
and their respective affiliates.
Client relationship approach
Norton Rose Group has one global set of
values or business principles, which guide
behaviour and help to ensure that the group
operates to the highest standards. One of
these group business principles is that clients
come first. The group works on the basis that
if it helps its clients to be successful, it will
be successful.
Norton Rose Group views clients as clients
of the firm, rather than of individual lawyers.
Its strategy is to build internal teams that are
dedicated to understanding its clients’ precise
needs and expectations, and to tailor its
services appropriately. This allows it to
provide seamless and efficient service.
The group’s clients can rely on its
knowledge of their industry sector, based
on extensive experience in that industry.
The group continuously researches and
analyses industry trends and information
about its clients, to help better understand
their businesses and competitive environment.
Evaluation is also a key step in Norton
Rose Group’s client approach. It regularly
conducts face-to-face reviews with key clients
to obtain feedback on performance. This
enables it to improve its service and continue
to provide positive client solutions.
Key strengths
Financial institutions
The group has a leading financial institutions
practice of almost 1,000 specialists. The
strength and depth of this practice across
asset managers, banks, insurers and financial
services and markets are reflected by the fact
that the group is represented on the panels of
more than 50 major global financial institutions.
Its experts cover all aspects of corporate,
regulatory and transactional work, significant
strategic mandates, litigation and dispute
With one of the largest global energy teams
of any law firm, the group has a reputation for
understanding complex issues quickly and
providing innovative solutions. It works in all
the major energy markets and covers the full
spectrum of sectors, including climate change,
oil and gas, power, regulated utilities,
renewables and water.
Infrastructure, mining and commodities
Known for the outstanding quality of its work,
the group has experience of acting on mining
transactions in almost every country in the
world. Its lawyers have gained specialist
expertise on some of the largest and most
innovative deals of recent years. Thanks to
the group’s reputation in infrastructure, it
plays a role in almost every major project
internationally, including those involving
significant development finance. The group
has a leading reputation for construction and
engineering work. It advises clients at every
stage of the commodities cycle, from financing
to distribution, and specialises in water, soft
commodities, metals, oil and gas.
The group has around 300 transport
specialists, covering all legal disciplines,
and more asset finance experts than any
other international legal practice. In aviation,
it advises on everything from insurance to
regulation and enforcement. In shipping, it
covers all aspects of admiralty, shipping,
marine insurance and transport, and numbers
qualified master mariners and former naval
officers among its specialists. Its rail industry
experience has been gained on all sides of
major transactions, encompassing regulatory,
infrastructure and light rail work, as well as rail
finance, rolling stock acquisition and leasing.
Norton Rose Group
ILO Client Choice Guide 2012