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Kim & Chang, widely recognised as Korea’s
premier law firm, has set the standard for
excellence for legal services in every major
area of practice since 1973. The principles
on which we were founded, and to which we
still adhere today, enable us to provide the
highest-quality legal advice to our clients:
specialisation in core practice areas; dedication
to meeting the distinctive needs of each
client; and internationalisation of professionals
and staff. Having advised in the majority of
landmark transactions, projects and cases
in Korea, we have earned an unrivalled track
record for developing innovative solutions
to the increasingly complex legal challenges
that our clients face, both in Korea and
Seasoned experts
The outstanding quality of our professionals
and staff is the main source of our success.
Our professionals include more than 800
attorneys, patent attorneys, tax attorneys,
economists and sector specialists. Our Korea
and overseas-trained attorneys, foreign
attorneys and other professionals who have
served in the public sector offer a breadth and
depth of resources that exceed those offered
by any other law firm in Korea. This inimitable
combination of multi-area expertise and on-
the-ground understanding of our clients’
businesses allows us immediately to
understand clients’ requests, identify the key
issues and craft tailored, innovative solutions
designed to achieve their objectives in the
most cost-effective way.
Global reach
The diverse expertise and multicultural
backgrounds of Kim & Chang’s professionals
make the firm the recognised leader in
providing specialised legal services for
cross-border transactions. The firm’s
international outlook stems from the large
numbers of foreign-licensed professionals
who work closely with Korean professionals
in each practice area, bringing with them
legal expertise from their respective
jurisdictions and language skills, and from
the education and training of Korean-licensed
professionals overseas. These qualities
uniquely qualify us to address the legal needs
of multinational companies doing business in
Korea and to advise Korean multinational
companies in outbound transactions. In fact,
our professionals are qualified to advise on
the laws of the United States, Japan, China,
Germany, France and the Netherlands.
Reflecting its global outlook, Kim & Chang
pioneered the establishment of practice
groups specialising in serving clients from
or in Japan, China and Europe.
Outstanding client service
Capitalising on the extent of our resources
and the breadth of our expertise allows us to
handle complicated matters, and ensures
that our clients receive the kind of personal
and timely service that they deserve. We strive
to understand our clients’ businesses as well
as their needs and concerns in dynamic and
challenging markets. We collaborate
seamlessly with in-house personnel and are
flexible in meeting staffing requirements. Our
emphasis on seeing eye to eye is not limited
to communications with clients, but also
applies to internal systems within the firm.
We constantly review and rethink our work
process to eliminate even the smallest
inefficiencies and redundancies at all levels
of the firm, and are not afraid to adopt the
most cutting-edge technologies to reduce
expenses, guaranteeing satisfaction for
even the most cost-conscious and
pragmatic of clients.
We service an extraordinary roster of
multinational corporations, domestic
companies, international and domestic
financial institutions, and private equity
funds. Our clients include most of the
companies in the Fortune 500 operating
in Korea. But whether they are established
industry leaders or start-ups, all of our clients
can be assured of receiving top-quality advice
that is uniquely tailored to their needs. Our
attorneys are committed to our clients’
success and to meeting and surpassing our
clients’ highest expectations for professional
service and value. Our proven performance
and recognition from professional societies
speak for themselves.
Kim & Chang
ILO Client Choice Guide 2012