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Hoet Peláez Castillo & Duque (HPCD),
established in 1942, is one of the oldest and
largest law firms in Venezuela. HPCD renders
services to many top Venezuelan companies
and a number of foreign companies and banks
active in Venezuela.
HPCD’s corporate attorneys have years of
experience in diverse business environments,
as well as in major and complex transactions.
They provide clients with effective responses
covering all legal issues while maintaining a
business perspective. Similarly, our tax lawyers
are integrated into our M&A and corporate
practice group, enabling cost-effective
assistance, while our labour experts can
assist and communicate with our international
clientele, navigating national risks and
obligations in the client’s own language.
As public law now touches all fields of
business and industry, HPCD provides its clients
with an excellent combination of expertise and
hands-on solutions. A comprehensive
compliance department provides cost-effective
legal and paralegal assistance to comply with
corporate, labour, tax, foreign exchange, foreign
investment and other regulations from local and
national government. In addition, HPCD’s
criminal litigation group is trained to assist
corporate clients in regard to fraud, asset
protection and criminal actions.
As the leading IP law firm, HPCD offers
prosecution and enforcement services covering
administrative, criminal and civil actions,
providing IP clients with a one-stop service
and immediate results, avoiding expensive
procedures and enabling the best protection
of their IP portfolios.
HPCD’s main goal is to bring value to
its clients through the complete and timely
satisfaction of their requirements, while
complying with international standards.
Quality and efficiency are always present
in our professional relations with clients.
Areas of practice
Banking and finance
The firm has extensive experience in assisting
foreign banks in their business activities in
Venezuela; we also assist in the negotiation
of credit facilities for public agencies and
corporations, and private companies.
Our M&A team assists clients in negotiations
with both private and public sector
corporations, representing and providing
advice, drafting contracts, conducting due
diligence and issuing opinions on contracts
and corporate structures.
Litigation and alternative dispute resolution
This group has long been recognised for its
commercial and IP litigation experience,
whether in court or before the administrative
authorities. It handles litigation in all civil law
matters, as well as actions against acts of
the public administration. In recent years the
arbitration practice has grown stronger, both
locally and internationally.
Energy and natural resources
This is one of the firm’s broadest areas of
practice, encompassing a range of issues
arising from the energy sector and the
exploitation of natural resources. The group
has recently grown to cover public and basic
services and utilities.
This area includes healthcare, stem cells and
pharmaceuticals. We advise hospital operators,
private health plans, pharmaceutical and
medical device manufacturers and suppliers,
as well as stem cell laboratories, on the
constantly changing regulatory framework.
Intellectual property
We are dedicated to the protection of clients’
IP rights, handling the registration of
trademarks and patents, the negotiation,
protection and defence of author and industrial
property rights, as well as licences and
technology transfer. Our objective is to protect
our clients’ IP rights in Venezuela and abroad.
Labour and employment
HPCD has extensive experience representing
both public and private sector employers in all
areas of employment matters. Our expertise in
collective bargaining agreements, international
contracting, labour planning and employee
benefits is a key element in supporting our
clients’ activities in Venezuela. Regarding
Hoet Peláez Castillo & Duque
ILO Client Choice Guide 2012