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litigation, we represent companies in cases
resulting from the termination of work
relationships and work-related accidents.
We also handle labour administrative
procedures before government agencies.
Public law
Our public law practice is focused on the
current key areas in Venezuela. We advise
clients on public procurement matters and, in
cases where conflicts arise, we act on behalf
of clients before local courts or national and
international arbitral tribunals if the parties
have so agreed.
Real estate
We assist clients in all real estate matters,
including advising, drafting and negotiating
acquisition and disposition agreements, as
well as short and long-term leasing, financing,
securitisation, construction, development,
land use regulation and management of all
types of property.
Members of this practice area focus on
national, state and local taxes. We also assist
clients on tax planning, oil and mining taxes
and strategy resulting from the application of
double taxation treaties. The firm has gained
recognition nationally and internationally for
its handling of the complicated tax implications
of business transactions.
Trade and investment
This group advises on all aspects of the
protection of investments, competition,
unfair trade, international trade agreements
and economic integration. The firm also
represents clients in international trade law
matters. Attorneys working in this area are
also consulted by clients in financial, banking,
insurance, capital markets and exchange
control matters.
Office details
Centro San Ignacio, Torre Kepler, Piso 2,
Av Blandin, La Castellana, Caracas
+58 212 2636644
+58 212 2637744
Firm overview
Number of partners worldwide
Number of legal and tax professionals
Professional contact
Fernando Peláez-Pier
Managing partner
ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
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