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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Anand and Anand
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Anand, Pravin
Anand and Anand – Managing Partner |
Winner – Intellectual Property, India
What clients said
“Pravin Anand is a wizard in the IP field.”
“With his deep knowledge of any IP subject, coupled
with excellent oratory skills, he can walk into any
boardroom and make senior executives listen to
him with rapt attention.”
“His grasp of highly technical patent-related
technology amazes me no end, and my technical
experts too.”
“Mr Anand is fully aware that it is the team that
makes success and not solely an individual.”
Pravin Anand is a managing partner of Anand and Anand,
a full service premier IP law firm in India. He completed his
law studies in New Delhi in 1979 and since then has been
a practising advocate and patent and trademark attorney.
He has appeared in several landmark IP cases involving the
first Anton Piller order (
cases); the first Mareva injunction
order (
); the first Norwich Pharmacal order (
); the right of privacy (
); trademark
dilution (
); judicial recognition of market survey
evidence (
Time Warner
); domain names (
); punitive
and exemplary damages (
magazine); and has recently
represented the Indian Performing Rights Society in a landmark
case. He also appeared in the compulsory licensing cases filed
against Pfizer and Roche under the Doha Declaration.
Mr Anand is the chairman of the IP Promotion Advisory
Committee established by the Indian government, and the IT
committee set up by the Federation of Indian Chambers of
Commerce and Industry. He is a past president of the Asian
Patent Attorneys Association and was a director on the board
of the International Trademark Association (INTA) from 2006 to
2008. He is president of both the International Association for
the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and the
Internationale de Conseils en Propriété Industrielle
group). He has appeared as an expert witness before
parliamentary committees to give evidence on amendments
to trademark, patent and copyright laws.
Mr Anand is a co-author of the two volumes of
Laws of India
on intellectual property. He also serves on the
editorial board of several international IP journals. He has
contributed widely as a speaker at various forums including
the World Intellectual Property Organisation, AIPPI, INTA, the
Licensing Executives Society, the International Bar Association,
LAWASIA and the United Nations Conference on the Least
Developed Countries in the Digital World.