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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Although only 38, Felipe Arizon has already served as managing
partner of two law firms over an 11-year period. He is currently
the head of Arizon Abogados SLP and directs the firm’s shipping
and trade practice.
At the age of 35, Dr Arizon obtained his doctorate degree
in English law while simultaneously working full time for eight
years as the founding partner of a law firm. He also holds an
LLM from the University of Southampton. He has been a visiting
scholar at the University of Tulane-New Orleans, United States
(2006). He holds a law degree from the University of Malaga
(1996) and was a trainee at the Directorate General of Transport
at the European Commission in Brussels.
Dr Arizon is an acclaimed barrister before all Spanish courts
(high courts, appeal courts and Supreme Court), matching his
court appearances with outstanding records. Dr Arizon also
acts before many international and domestic arbitration forums,
including the International Chamber of Commerce, Gafta, Fosfa
and the Refined Sugar Association. He regularly contributes to
various international and Spanish publications on commercial
law, the carriage of goods, insurance and ship arrests, and
writes regularly for
Lloyd’s List of London
. He has authored
several books in the field of insurance and transport. He was
recently cited in the English High Court case of
Sovarex SA
v Romero Álvarez
Dr Arizon acts as counsel for many large corporations,
including shipping banks, insurers, commodity houses and
agricultural operators. His involvement in shipping accident
cases is noteworthy.
Arizon Abogados SLP
Paseo de Reding 43
Ground floor
+34 952211774
+34 952226676
Arizon, Felipe
Arizon Abogados SLP – Managing Partner |
Winner – Shipping & Transport, Spain
What clients said
“The level of service is still excellent in every aspect.
A great external counsel.”
“Has the ability to provide advice that is crisp, clear
and to the point. A rare ability indeed!”
“He spots possible obstacles and delivers solutions
with excellent advice and guidance.”