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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Marion Bailey-Canham is a partner, registered trademark agent
and member of the IP group in the Ottawa office of Gowling
Lafleur Henderson LLP. Ms Bailey-Canham has extensive
practice expertise in prosecution, registrability opinions,
licensing requirements, the transfer of intellectual property,
protection of existing rights, domain name protection and
Trademarks Opposition Board and summary cancellation
proceedings. She also services a broad range of clients
interested in protecting trademark rights in Canada and
Ms Bailey-Canham’s clients include major international
IP counsel, multinational corporations, small business owners,
financial and educational institutions and other organisations.
She is experienced in all levels of prosecution, from search
opinions and applications to evidence, cross-examination,
written arguments and representation at oral hearings.
Ms Bailey-Canham is an active promoter of IP mediation.
She is on the Panel of Neutrals for the International Trademark
Association (INTA) and is a founding member and director of
IP Neutrals of Canada. She is vice chair of the Intellectual
Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) Alternative Dispute
Committee and chair of the INTA Alternative Dispute
Subcommittee with responsibility for the Panel of Neutrals.
Ms Bailey-Canham is also an active member of IPIC’s Forums
and Seminars Committee and a strong advocate and provider
of IP education for the profession.
Ms Bailey-Canham is also a strong community supporter.
She is a board member of the Children’s Aid Foundation of
Ottawa and member of the Royal Ottawa Foundation’s Women
for Mental Health.
Gowling Lafleur
Henderson LLP
160 Elgin Street
Suite 2600
Ottawa ON
K1P 1C3
+1 613 786 0126
+1 613 788 3421
Bailey-Canham, Marion
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP – Partner |
Winner – Intellectual Property, Canada
What clients said
“We consider Ms Bailey-Canham to be at the very
highest echelon of IP counsel around the world.”
“It’s inconceivable to me that anyone else can be
better than her!”
“She is an imaginative and strategic thinker
who often offers alternative solutions.”
“Her billings are reasonable because she works
efficiently and her knowledge and experience
minimise the need for costly research.”