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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Solano de Camargo is a partner and co-founder of Dantas, Lee,
Brock & Camargo Advogados Associados. He is the joint head
of the firm’s litigation department and its special projects and
mass litigation group, and is a member of the executive board.
Over the past decade Mr Camargo has been involved in many
of the most important legal disputes in Brazil. He has played a
role in bankruptcy, collection and asset recovery cases involving
major Brazilian airlines that were hit by the international sector
downturn after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Mr Camargo
has also dealt with headline-making product liability cases.
Mr Camargo has extensive experience of representing
multinational corporations in the lower and higher Brazilian
courts. He is often invited to lead on or collaborate in complex
litigation involving multi-jurisdictional cases filed in Brazil and
abroad, particularly in the United States and Europe.
As an attorney, he is recognised as a cost-effective
strategist and a responsible manager of his clients’ budgets.
In managing mass litigation portfolios, he has played a part in
assembling and developing one of the most respected teams
of attorneys in Brazil in the fields of consumer liability, banking
and sales channel litigation.
His personal understanding and skills in the field of
technology have enabled him to implement know-how
and working processes with the firm’s clients. He has been
repeatedly listed as one of the most respected litigators in
Brazil in the
Análise Editorial
Dantas, Lee, Brock &
Camargo Advogados
Av Presidente Juscelino
28 – 6o andar – Itaim Bibi
Sao Paulo
+55 11 2149 5423
+55 11 2145 5415
de Camargo, Solano
Dantas, Lee, Brock & Camargo Advogados – Senior Partner |
Winner – Litigation, Brazil
What clients said
“He is an outstanding professional who is creative
Solano is a great litigator. He can create and
execute the most complicated legal strategies
which always consider his clients’ business needs.”
“On top of his extensive legal knowledge,
Mr Camargo has a creative and practical approach
to solving problems and obtaining efficient results.”
“Today, the biggest challenge as an in-house counsel
is to find a ‘partner’ outside counsel – Solano de
Camargo fills this role and exceeds expectations.”