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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Steven De Schrijver is a partner in the corporate and M&A
department of Astrea. Mr De Schrijver has 20 years’ experience
in advising Belgian and foreign companies on mergers and
acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring, acquisition
financing, private equity and venture capital, debt structuring
and secured loans. His corporate transactions have involved him
in several national and cross-border transactions in the IT, media
and telecommunications sectors.
Mr De Schrijver offers maximum availability and
responsiveness while maintaining a personalised and business-
oriented approach. He serves a mainly international clientele
with an outstanding price proposition and the added value of a
personalised service and around-the-clock availability.
Whatever the issue, Mr De Schrijver’s priority is to provide
his clients with pragmatic solutions that enable them to achieve
their strategic business goals. He therefore tries to avoid writing
lengthy and academic legal opinions, unless that is specifically
required. His goal is always to provide legible, to-the-point,
practical advice.
Astrea is an independent Belgian full-service law firm with
offices in Brussels and Antwerp. The Astrea corporate and M&A
team handles a full range of capital markets transactions, private
equity and venture capital transactions, private M&A
transactions and restructurings. It also advises clients on the
acquisition financing aspects of transactions and assists many
clients in relation to the Belgian aspects of domestic and
international finance arrangements.
Its transactional team benefits from state-of-the-art
assistance in other areas of law, including real estate,
employment, social security and benefits, tax, commercial law,
litigation and arbitration, intellectual property, information
technology, data protection and regulatory. Although its specialist
lawyers have standalone practices in their respective areas of
law, they also have the entire range of transactional expertise.
Avenue Louise 137/1
+32 2 215 97 58
+32 2 216 50 91
De Schrijver, Steven
Astrea – Partner |
Winner – General Corporate, Belgium
What clients said
“Mr De Schrijver goes the extra mile to ensure that
his clients are happy with the service that he and
his team provide.”
“You cannot expect more from a lawyer – fabulous.”
“Steven always knows the answer. He can think
outside the box to find practical, business-like
solutions and offer guidance that can even save
a deal.”
“His writing is clear, even for non-legal people,
which is hard to find these days.”