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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
Javier Huarte specialises entirely in pharmaceutical patent
litigation. He joined Grau & Angulo when the firm was founded
in 2003 and he has been a partner there since 2005. He is based
at the Barcelona office, where he runs the pharmaceutical patent
department. His client portfolio is impressive and includes Teva,
Sandoz, Actavis, Mylan, Ratiopharm, Stada, Arrow, KRKA,
Tecnimede, Cinfa, Ferrer, Kern, Alter and Chemo.
Mr Huarte is involved in Spain’s most important
pharmaceutical patent litigations regarding blockbuster drugs
such as esomeprazole, escitalopram, raloxifene, fluvastatin,
ibandronate, atorvastatin, memantine and sildenafil. In recent
years his team has had numerous major successes in critical
litigations regarding pharmaceutical blockbusters, with
Mr Huarte most frequently visible on the front line of such
high-profile patent cases.
Mr Huarte is renowned for his impressive knowledge base,
which benefits the diversity of his practice, and for his deep
understanding of the commercial aspects of patent law. He is
widely recognised as an authority in his field and appears in all
of the leading international directories as a life sciences expert
in patent advice and litigation. Mr Huarte speaks Spanish,
English, French and Catalan.
Grau & Angulo
C/Josep Irla i Bosch 5-7
+34 93 202 3456
+34 93 240 5383
Huarte, Javier
Grau & Angulo – Partner |
Winner – Intellectual Property, Spain
What clients said
“We have a great deal of respect and faith in
Javier’s work.”
“Javier is able to grasp very complex issues and
convey them to the court in a way that is easily
understandable and yet loses none of the detail.”
“Mr Huarte’s preparation and attention to the key
issues are detailed and precise.”
“Javier demonstrates an all-too-rare ability to get
to the crux of the issue, and he is happy to offer
opinions and solutions as they occur to him.”