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ILO Client Choice Guide 2012
André Marques Gilberto specialises in Brazilian competition
and public law. He has extensive experience of dealing with
local authorities on investigations of illegal practices and merger
filings. Mr Gilberto has been dealing with cartel matters in Brazil
since 1999 and has assisted clients in responding immediately
to unannounced inspections by Brazilian authorities by
developing a strategic response in pressurised circumstances.
His experience has also allowed the firm to advise clients on
complex leniency issues, representing their interests in the
negotiation of leniency applications and in the litigation of
cases launched after the signature of leniency agreements.
Mr Gilberto has dealt with many complex merger control
issues. He has recently been involved in relevant merger filings
in sectors including music publishing, chemicals, mobile
phones, IT services, healthcare and energy transmission.
Mr Gilberto is the author of a 2010 book on Brazilian
antitrust procedure, the first of its kind about competition
procedure issues in Brazil. He is also one of the editors of
a comprehensive new study of the new merger control
regime in Brazil.
Mr Gilberto was appointed by
Chambers Latin America
one of the leading competition practitioners in Brazil from 2007
to 2012, where he was praised for his “excellent work and
strategic approach” and hailed as a “brilliant risk taker who
uses his daring to his advantage in the most challenging of
situations”. In the 2012 edition, one source referred to him as
“an expert who is clear, objective and always available; what’s
more, he does all he can to understand our business”.
Marques Gilberto & Oliveira
Felix Sociedade de
Rua Pedroso Alvarenga
1046/1062, cj 56, Itaim Bibi
Sao Paulo
+55 11 3071 0371
+55 11 3071 1957
Gilberto, André Marques
Marques Gilberto & Oliveira Felix Sociedade de Advogados – Partner |
Winner – Competition, Brazil
What clients said
“André is a terrific lawyer.”
“He understands the client’s needs and always
makes a huge effort to attend to, and tailor, fee
proposals and opinions.”
“In addition to his excellent technical skills,
Mr Gilberto fully understands a client’s needs
and is always ready to be of assistance.”
“I completely endorse André Marques Gilberto’s
recognition for excellence in client care.”