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11 June 2019
Vittorio Pozzi Securitisation transactions: new exciting chapter in reform process

Italy - Legance – Avvocati Associati

Decree-Law 34 of 30 April 2019 introduced important amendments to the Italian securitisation framework. Securitisation special purpose vehicles can now play a more active role in the context of non-performing or unlikely-to-pay exposures. Further, a new breed of securitisation has been introduced, where the issuer's obligations are backed by real estate properties (or registered moveable assets) and related cash flows, as opposed to a portfolio of monetary claims.

Author: Vittorio Pozzi
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David M Lynn SEC proposes changes to 'accelerated filer' and 'large accelerated filer' definitions

USA - Morrison & Foerster LLP

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently proposed amendments to the 'accelerated filer' and 'large accelerated filer' definitions adopted under the Securities Exchange Act 1934. The SEC believes that it can promote capital formation for smaller reporting issuers by more appropriately tailoring the types of issuer that are included and revising the transition thresholds for accelerated and large accelerated filers.

Author: David M Lynn
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