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24 February 2021
Carlos P Martins Air carrier avoids liability for refusal to transport disruptive passenger

Canada - WeirFoulds

The British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal recently ruled on a dispute involving an air carrier which had refused to transport a disruptive passenger. This decision lays out the type of evidence which a carrier should be prepared to present to avoid liability and serves as a reminder to passengers that they have an obligation to be respectful while travelling.

Authors: Carlos P Martins, Emma Romano
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Francesco Paolo Ballirano ENAC issues new drone regulation to align national rules with EU legislation

Italy - Studio Pierallini

The Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) has issued a new regulation on unmanned aircraft (ie, drones), which aligns the existing national rules with EU Regulation 2018/1139. Against the backdrop of this evolving regulatory framework, ENAC has adapted effectively to the new EU legislation by working closely with stakeholders to enable drone use for a wide range of private and commercial activities.

Authors: Francesco Paolo Ballirano, Laura Pierallini
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Fernando Hurtado de Mendoza Aircraft ownership: proving title through registration

Peru - Kennedys Law LLP

While recording aircraft leases in the public registry is in the best interests of both domestic operators and aircraft owners, the public registry does not constitute a title registry for foreign aircraft. Therefore, the rights of owners of foreign aircraft that operate in Peru may be seen as being insufficiently public under local laws. However, genuine registrations have been extended to cover the supporting documents which record title information, providing reassurance to owners of foreign aircraft that operate in Peru.

Author: Fernando Hurtado de Mendoza
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Recent updates

Christine Kranich EASA AOC: to cert or not to cert?

European Union - Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

Authors: Christine Kranich, Ulrich Steppler
Shannon Rajan High court orders release of Pakistan International Airlines aircraft

Malaysia - SKRINE

Authors: Shannon Rajan, Eric Gabriel Gomez, Raaasi Laarnia Rajandran
Matthieu de Varax Stop sending process servers to French manufacturers!

France - Odi-se Avocats

Author: Matthieu de Varax
Llewellyn V Boyer-Cartwright Dawning of a new age: proposed legislation shapes future of aviation

Bahamas - HarleyJames

Author: Llewellyn V Boyer-Cartwright
Laura Pierallini COVID-19-tested flights: an extra weapon in the fight against the pandemic

Italy - Studio Pierallini

Authors: Laura Pierallini, Francesco Grassetti
Sergi Giménez Binder The new normal? COVID-19 legislation: travel restrictions

Spain - Augusta Abogados

Author: Sergi Giménez Binder
Carlos P Martins Should expert reports on Montreal Convention be allowed in challenge to APPRs?

Canada - WeirFoulds

Authors: Carlos P Martins, Andrew MacDonald