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14 May 2018
Niav O'Higgins Updated FIDIC contracts 2017 – what has changed?

International - Arthur Cox

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Contracts Committee recently unveiled the much-anticipated new suite of rainbow contracts, with the publication of amended Red, Yellow and Silver Books. The changes reflect only some of the key amendments introduced by the revised 2017 FIDIC contracts. Nevertheless, the changes are significant and it will undoubtedly take time for contracting parties to become familiar with the revised contracts.

Authors: Niav O'Higgins, Karen Killoran, Niamh McGovern
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Jeremy Glover Gosvenor London Ltd v Aygun Aluminium UK Ltd

United Kingdom - Fenwick Elliott Solicitors

After Gosvenor agreed to perform certain cladding works for Aygun, disputes arose and Gosvenor applied to enforce an adjudicator's decision. Aygun accepted that adjudicators' decisions will be enforced by the courts, regardless of errors of fact or law, but alleged fraud on the part of Gosvenor, stating that "a substantial proportion" of the adjudication award had been based on sums which were fraudulently invoiced. However, no allegations of fraud had been raised in the adjudication proceedings.

Author: Jeremy Glover
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Recent updates

Niav O'Higgins Managing sectoral employment orders

Ireland - Arthur Cox

Authors: Niav O'Higgins, Karen Killoran, Mary Liz Mahony
Jeremy Glover Complying with instructions: Oil States Industries (UK) Ltd v Lagan Building Contractors Ltd

United Kingdom - Fenwick Elliott Solicitors

Author: Jeremy Glover