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Energy & Natural Resources

19 April 2021
Bernd Rajal Energy communities – is a business licence required?

Austria - Schoenherr

Energy communities' electricity generation, supply and sale and offering and rendering of energy services raises the question of whether they fall within the scope of the Industrial Code 1994. The answer to this question primarily depends on whether a 'profit intent' is required for electricity companies. In addition, the question of commercial activity (ie, whether a commercial licence is required) must be clarified when establishing and structuring an energy community.

Authors: Bernd Rajal, Stefanie Orator-Saghy
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Ryoji Moroi Updates to solar FIT decommissioning fee regulations

Japan - Nishimura & Asahi

In June 2020 a bill was enacted pursuant to which the Japanese authorities can withhold a portion of payments under a power purchase agreement that will instead be placed in a reserve to cover decommissioning costs. While the final decommissioning regulations have not yet been published, a detailed outline of the regulations was recently published for public comment.

Authors: Ryoji Moroi, Rafael Sang-Kyun Bong
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Chiagozie Hilary-Nwokonko Can majority foreign-owned companies purchase a majority stake in a Nigerian oil and gas E&P company?

Nigeria - Streamsowers & Köhn

In some circumstances, the indigenous preference provisions in the Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010 may disadvantage the Nigerian economy as a whole and its oil and gas sector in particular. Notably, there is no law forbidding or penalising the acquisition of majority stakes in Nigerian oil and gas exploration and production companies which qualify as Nigerian companies by foreign companies. In some circumstances, such acquisitions should even be encouraged.

Authors: Chiagozie Hilary-Nwokonko, Gloria Biem
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Recent updates

Chiagozie Hilary-Nwokonko PIB 2020 and ministerial consent for assignments, novations and changes of control

Nigeria - Streamsowers & Köhn

Authors: Chiagozie Hilary-Nwokonko, Gloria Biem
International Law Office Tell us what you think and you could win a £100 Mastercard voucher

International - International Law Office

Author: International Law Office
Louise Dalton Office for Zero Emission Vehicles launches consultation on consumer experience of e-vehicle charge points

United Kingdom - CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

Authors: Louise Dalton, Freddie May, Sabrina Polito, Gregor Hunter
Maya Ito Biomass power generation: supply and sustainability

Japan - Nishimura & Asahi

Authors: Maya Ito, Peter G Armstrong, Boram Kim
Marcel Meinhardt Capital cost rates for electricity supply, renewable energy production and high-pressure natural gas networks

Switzerland - Lenz & Staehelin

Authors: Marcel Meinhardt, Patrick Sattler
Mira Todorovic Symeonides Regulatory Authority for Energy issues guarantees manual for Electricity TSO Code

Greece - Rokas Law Firm

Authors: Mira Todorovic Symeonides, Sofia Getimi
Daniel A Mullen What's theirs is yours and what's yours is mine: FERC's Brady obligations in joint investigations

USA - Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Authors: Daniel A Mullen, Shaun Boedicker, Charles R Mills, Monique Watson
Kamil Zawicki Erroneous charging inconsistent with tariff conditions justifies administrative fine

Poland - Kubas Kos Gałkowski

Authors: Kamil Zawicki, Marek Malciak