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21 June 2021

Collection of capacity fee – role of distribution system operator

On 1 January 2021 the capacity fee came into force. However, the system for its determination and collection is not entirely clear in light of the wording of the Act on the Capacity Market. In this regard, the act creates specific obligations for some system participants, including distribution system operators. The wording of the provisions on this matter may give rise to some interpretative difficulties when applied in practice.

Patrycja Nowakowska Authors: Patrycja Nowakowska | Kamil Zawicki

Poland | Kubas Kos Gałkowski

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Recent updates

Regulation of electricity and gas network tariffs for 2022 to 2026

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Approved Preventive Action Plan for security of gas supply

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Bernd Rajal Authors: Bernd Rajal | Marta Katarzyna Krzystek

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Guadalupe Esparza Sánchez Authors: Guadalupe Esparza Sánchez | Diego Álvarez Ampudia | Rodrigo Acuña Gorozpe

Mexico | Ramos, Ripoll & Schuster

UK Emissions Trading Scheme - what's new?

Paul Sheridan Authors: Paul Sheridan | Dalia Majumder-Russell | Valentina Keys

United Kingdom | CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

METI green innovation fund

Maya Ito Authors: Maya Ito | Ashley Sutton

Japan | Nishimura & Asahi

Public contracting entities and distribution grid operators must publicly tender electricity purchases

Marcel Meinhardt Authors: Marcel Meinhardt | Patrick Sattler

Switzerland | Lenz & Staehelin

In Broadview 'rehearing' order, FERC channels Emily Litella: "Never Mind"

Shaun Boedicker Authors: Shaun Boedicker | Jennifer L Key

USA | Steptoe & Johnson LLP

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