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19 November 2019
Maria Kosteska Fägerquist Supreme Court strengthens impression that arbitral awards usually stand despite tribunal's procedural errors

Sweden - Wistrand

Recent case law confirms that the Swedish courts uphold the general principle that awards finalise a dispute between parties. In order to successfully challenge an award, the challenging party must prove not only that the procedural error likely affected the outcome of the award, but also that the error is of essential importance.

Authors: Maria Kosteska Fägerquist, Christofer Wilpart
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Jonathan Cary In-house lawyer prevented from relying on leaked email and overheard conversation

United Kingdom - RPC

An email containing legal advice leaked to a claimant in an employment dispute did not fall foul of the iniquity principle and therefore remained privileged. An overheard conversation, believed to be in relation to the claimant's dismissal, could not be relied on to aid the interpretation of the email as there was no evidence that the individuals engaged in the conversation had seen it.

Authors: Jonathan Cary, Steven Rajavinothan
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Recent updates

David Smyth False statement of truth leads to prison

Hong Kong - RPC

Authors: David Smyth, Antony Sassi
Suzan Kurdi Contribution to legal costs: natural love and affection or calculated self-interest?

United Kingdom - RPC

Authors: Suzan Kurdi, Andy McGregor
Daphne Ionides Interlocutory injunctions as a post-judgment tool

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Author: Daphne Ionides
Mathieu Laurent District court examines aspects relating to loan guarantees

Luxembourg - Luther SA

Authors: Mathieu Laurent, Marie Romero
Bram Woltering Court rules on inventor's failure to transfer a patent

Netherlands - AKD The Netherlands

Author: Bram Woltering
Gan Khong Aik Federal Court rules that Arbitration Act provisions do not apply to non-parties to arbitration agreements

Malaysia - Gan Partnership

Author: Gan Khong Aik
Hannah Yiu Supreme Court confirms that replacement cover rights are not assignable

New Zealand - Wilson Harle

Author: Hannah Yiu
Kate McKenna Recent rulings on state aid

Ireland - Matheson

Authors: Kate McKenna, Helen Kelly

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IBA – 13th Annual Law Firm Management Conference

6 December 2019 – Moscow, Russia

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Managing and Mitigating Risk in Intellectual Assets

26 March, 2020 – London, UK

IP may be the single most important asset a company possesses. Whether it is physical or digital, customer data or operational information, trade secrets or business strategies, IP is often the main driver of revenue for any organisation. As IP becomes a more valuable corporate asset, managing the risks around it become a major business priority. IAM’s inaugural IP Risk Management series will provide organisations with best practices for identifying, evaluating, managing and mitigating IP risks within the business.

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