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25 February 2020
Sebastián Yanine Supreme Court decision on bonds, securities litigation and damages

Chile - Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados

The Supreme Court recently issued the final decision in a landmark securities case on damages in connection with bonds issued by a listed company in the retail industry. The ruling does not prevent the possibility of obtaining compensation by bondholders that have suffered losses in the securities market, but it does emphasise that in order to be compensable, damages must be certain according to general requirements of civil law.

Authors: Sebastián Yanine, Guillermo Chahuán
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Gan Khong Aik Apex court finds controller of housing's powers to waive or modify provisions of statutory contract invalid

Malaysia - Gan Partnership

The Federal Court recently delivered a landmark decision on a pertinent issue concerning the interests of house buyers. In arriving at its decision, the court considered Parliament's intention when enacting the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act and held that the minister of urban wellbeing, housing and local government has sole discretion to regulate and prohibit the terms and conditions of a contract of sale under the act – a social legislation protecting and advancing the interests of house buyers.

Author: Gan Khong Aik
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Recent updates

Péter Korózs Penalty claim without prior reservation? Supreme Court confirms estoppel-based practice

Hungary - SMARTLEGAL Schmidt & Partners

Authors: Péter Korózs, Richard Schmidt
Jonathan Crompton Challenge to bank's suspension of account rejected

Hong Kong - RPC

Authors: Jonathan Crompton, Antony Sassi
Davina Given Equitable compensation for breach of fiduciary duty: a question of loss?

United Kingdom - RPC

Authors: Davina Given, Benedict Coxon
Huib Berendschot Competence of district courts in summary proceedings relating to EU Community designs

Netherlands - AKD

Author: Huib Berendschot
Nicolas Contis Civil procedure reform: new rules on provisional execution of judgments

France - Kalliopé

Authors: Nicolas Contis, Talel Aronowicz
Riza Gümbüşoğlu Supreme Court revokes its decision on service date of electronic notifications

Turkey - Gün + Partners

Authors: Riza Gümbüşoğlu, Beril Yayla Sapan

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