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March 01 2018
Rachel Richardson Harvey Weinstein and you: what employers should be doing about sexual harassment

Guernsey - Ogier

What started with complaints against an Oscar-winning film producer has led to a movement that has toppled government ministers and reduced much-loved figures from the entertainment world to pariahs. Although Guernsey may feel far away from Hollywood or Westminster, the issue of sexual harassment is just as real. So what should an employer do to protect its employees and its business from harassment?

Author: Rachel Richardson
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Laura Shirreffs Buying Jersey property with a partner who has no housing qualifications

Jersey - Ogier

An unmarried couple, both with housing qualifications, can buy property in joint names and have the security of jointly owning their home. For unmarried couples where only one partner has housing qualifications, the position is more difficult. For freehold property, only the qualified partner can own it. It is therefore important that couples in this situation enter into an equity agreement in order to protect the unqualified partner's position so far as legally possible.

Author: Laura Shirreffs
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Victoria Grogan What inheritance rights does an adopted child have?

Jersey - Ogier

An adopted child is treated in law as the biological child of his or her adoptive parents and not the child of any other person. In terms of inheritance, this means that any reference to 'children' in adoptive parents' will or wills includes adopted children. If the parents do not leave a will or wills, the adopted child will have the same legal right to benefit from their estates as any biological child would have.

Author: Victoria Grogan
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Victoria Grogan How to handle assets in a client's estate

Jersey - Ogier

Author: Victoria Grogan
Alice Bricogne The importance of trustee minutes

Guernsey - Ogier

Author: Alice Bricogne
Anthony Thompson Online trust registration service updated

United Kingdom - Forsters LLP

Authors: Anthony Thompson, Robert Payne
Jennie Cherry Completing and filing Form 5472 for foreign-owned US LLC

USA - Kozusko Harris Duncan

Authors: Jennie Cherry, Eric Dorsch
Andrew Thorp Court of Appeal provides guidance on directors' powers

British Virgin Islands - Harney Westwood & Riegels

Authors: Andrew Thorp, Philip Graham, Jonathan Addo, Ian Mann
Nick Hoffman New developments in litigation funding

Cayman Islands - Harney Westwood & Riegels LLP

Authors: Nick Hoffman, Lachlan Greig

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