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10 June 2021

Public Procurement Act 2021: obtaining government contracts

The government has been criticised both locally and internationally in relation to the transparency and procedure surrounding the procurement of government contracts. Partly as a result of this criticism, the government has enacted the Public Procurement Act 2021, which seeks to modernise the government's use of public funds in its procurement process and add a heightened level of transparency.

Al-Leecia Delancy Author: Al-Leecia Delancy

Bahamas | Lennox Paton

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Grand Court strikes out creditor's winding-up petition and comments on relationship with arbitration clauses

The Grand Court recently struck out a winding-up petition presented against Grand State Investments Limited by a shareholder claiming a debt on the ground that the alleged debt was disputed on bona fide and substantial grounds. In addition, the court went on to hold that, had the petition not been struck out, it would have been stayed anyway in favour of arbitration.

Michael Snape Authors: Michael Snape | Nicholas Tam | Christopher Levers | Nour Khaleq

Cayman Islands | Ogier

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Snapshot: appealing civil judgments

This article outlines the process and grounds upon which an appeal can be made in respect of a civil judgment by the Royal Court. It also mentions recent developments in appealing judgments of the Court of Appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

Bryan De Verneuil-Smith Authors: Bryan De Verneuil-Smith | Conor Morrissey

Guernsey | Ogier

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I don't need a will – do I?

Whether an individual needs a will really depends on whether they are happy for their estate to pass in accordance with the law or in accordance with their own wishes – which may differ significantly. Jersey succession law, which determines how an individual's assets pass on their death and whether their will is valid, is unusual and interesting. It is a complex mix of influences from English common law and French civil law.

Victoria Grogan Author: Victoria Grogan

Jersey | Ogier

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Revised inheritance law allows for greater flexibility

Swiss inheritance law will undergo a major revision which will take effect on 1 January 2023. The respective changes to the Civil Code will allow testators greater flexibility when drafting their will. In particular, the forced heirship rules will be modified to the detriment of the testator's parents and children and therefore merit careful consideration. This article summarises the most important changes.

Werner Jahnel Authors: Werner Jahnel | Larissa Jauch

Switzerland | LALIVE

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Recent updates

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Sophie Reguengo Author: Sophie Reguengo

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Jennifer Fox Authors: Jennifer Fox | Victoria King

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Tim Clipstone Author: Tim Clipstone

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Pedro Cortés Author: Pedro Cortés

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Neasa Coen Author: Neasa Coen

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Sourav Kanti De Biswas Authors: Sourav Kanti De Biswas | Gurkaran Arora | Ashlesha Mittal

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