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14 June 2021

Public Procurement Act 2021: obtaining government contracts

The government has been criticised both locally and internationally in relation to the transparency and procedure surrounding the procurement of government contracts. Partly as a result of this criticism, the government has enacted the Public Procurement Act 2021, which seeks to modernise the government's use of public funds in its procurement process and add a heightened level of transparency.

Al-Leecia Delancy Author: Al-Leecia Delancy

Bahamas | Lennox Paton

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GAO clarifies scope of its jurisdiction over OTA protests

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently clarified the scope of its jurisdiction over bid protests involving an agency's use of its other transaction agreement (OTA) authority. The GAO's decision in this case is noteworthy because agencies are increasingly relying on OTAs to meet their procurement needs. The case also serves as a reminder to contractors that, if they want relief from the GAO regarding an OTA, it is necessary to challenge the decision to use the OTA in the first place.

Aron C Beezley Authors: Aron C Beezley | Patrick R Quigley

USA | Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

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D Mclaughlin and Sons Ltd v Linthouse Housing Association Ltd

Jeremy Glover Author: Jeremy Glover

United Kingdom | Fenwick Elliott Solicitors

LPTA procurements greatly restricted under new FAR rule

Aron C Beezley Authors: Aron C Beezley | Lisa Markman

USA | Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

Construction cartel creates dilemma for clients

Johannes Stalzer Authors: Johannes Stalzer | Franz Urlesberger | Hanno Wollmann

Austria | Schoenherr