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Shipping & Transport

January 10 2018
Vasileios Psyrras Increase in maximum number of firearms permitted under anti-piracy law

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

On the basis of experience gained since the implementation of the Protection of Cyprus Ships Against Acts of Piracy and Other Unlawful Acts Law, the Department of Merchant Shipping has increased the maximum number of firearms that approved private ship security contractors are entitled to register from 400 to 600. However, there has been no change to the ratio of two firearms per guard; the change will therefore affect only contractors with more than 200 guards.

Author: Vasileios Psyrras
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Jesper Windahl Danish shipping register to become more competitive for non-EU and non-EEA merchant shipowners

Denmark - Windahl Sandroos & Co

A bill to amend the Danish regulations on the registration of ships under Section 2 of the Merchant Shipping Act was recently passed with the aim of attracting non-EU and non-EEA merchant shipowners and shipping and management companies to the Danish flag. The bill's main innovations include an increasingly transparent activity requirement, multiple ways of satisfying this requirement and an equal establishment requirement that applies to EU and non-EU shipowners.

Authors: Jesper Windahl, Rósing Rasmussen
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Jonathan Page Barecon 2017 – broad-brush revision of widely used form

International - Wikborg Rein

The Baltic and International Maritime Council recently released Barecon 2017, which represents an important update of one of the most commonly used maritime contracts. While several new features have been included, the basic structure of the form remains the same. However, several of the simplifications, clarifications and other updates should make the form easier to use in conjunction with rider clauses crafted for a specific transaction.

Authors: Jonathan Page, Andreas Fjærvoll-Larsen
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Chris Grieveson Owners' lien on cargo

United Kingdom - Wikborg Rein

The English High Court recently confirmed when it will order the sale of liened cargo which is the subject of arbitration proceedings. This decision may be of interest to shipowners that are faced with a situation in which cargo belonging to a charterer remains on board a vessel for a long period without the owners receiving hire, while still incurring operating costs.

Authors: Chris Grieveson, Julia Skisaker
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Recent updates

Robert Joiner New Flamenco – Supreme Court dances in different direction

United Kingdom - Wikborg Rein

Authors: Robert Joiner, Ian Teare
Øyvind Axe Management of foreign-owned ships on NIS

Norway - Wikborg Rein

Authors: Øyvind Axe, Peter Jebsen
Costas Stamatiou New Cyprus-India agreement on merchant shipping

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Author: Costas Stamatiou
Monika Romaniewicz-Wenk Automated driving: positive climate impact and recent efforts

Austria - Schoenherr

Authors: Monika Romaniewicz-Wenk, Christoph Jirak
Jesper Windahl Carrier liable for cargo damage due to flooding of refrigerated container during voyage

Denmark - Windahl Sandroos & Co

Authors: Jesper Windahl, Rósing Rasmussen
Marco Manzone Nautica e Fisco booklet sets legal and fiscal developments in nautical industry

Italy - Dardani Studio Legale

Author: Marco Manzone
Lina Wiedenbach Starting point of carrier's period of responsibility for goods packed in containers

Germany - Dabelstein & Passehl

Michael Harowski Maritime attachment permissible to obtain security for foreign arbitration, but only as adjunct to obtaining jurisdiction

USA - Fowler Rodriguez

Author: Michael Harowski