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Shipping & Transport

21 August 2019
Costas Stamatiou Brexit's potential impact on shipping in Cyprus

Cyprus - Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

In an effort to minimise disruption to the shipping industry deriving from Brexit, the Shipping Deputy Ministry has undertaken a number of contingency measures. However, the ministry has emphasised that affected parties must also make their own preparations for the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union and that where new authorisations, licences or certificates will be required post-Brexit, each party will be responsible for applying in good time.

Authors: Costas Stamatiou, Vasileios Psyrras, Andreas Christofides
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Emeka Akabogu Doing maritime business in Nigeria's $10 billion charter market

Nigeria - Akabogu & Associates

The general Nigerian economic landscape could be seen as challenging, but its robustness and potential make it worthwhile for parties that do their research. As the Nigerian ship charter market is estimated to be worth at least $10 billion, there is a lot of potential for interested parties to benefit.

Author: Emeka Akabogu
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Recent updates

Jesper Windahl Direct action, choice of law and time limitation

Denmark - WSCO Advokatpartnerselskab

Authors: Jesper Windahl, Rósing Rasmussen
Victor Onyegbado Suppression of Piracy and Other Maritime Offences Act 2019: a review

Nigeria - Akabogu & Associates

Author: Victor Onyegbado
Sebastiaan Moolenaar How to prepare for new Incoterms

International - AKD

Author: Sebastiaan Moolenaar
Wrongful vessel arrest in collision claim

Malaysia - Shearn Delamore & Co

Author: Rajasingam Gothandapani
Godofredo Mendes Vianna Appellate court rules that subrogated insurers assume same rights and limitations as assureds

Brazil - Kincaid | Mendes Vianna Advogados

Authors: Godofredo Mendes Vianna, Rodrigo Cotta
Marco G Remiorz Carrier liability for loss of goods and delayed delivery

Germany - Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

Authors: Marco G Remiorz, Katharina Schmidtke
Michael Harowski Supreme Court precludes punitive damages for unseaworthiness claims

USA - Wilson Elser

Authors: Michael Harowski, Ashley Bane
Brian Dardani Back to formalities: recap fixture held insufficient evidence of charter contract

Italy - Dardani Studio Legale

Author: Brian Dardani