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Shipping & Transport

15 January 2020
Lina Wiedenbach Carrier liability for contaminated liquid bulk cargo – contributory negligence of shipper

Germany - Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

In a March 2019 case, the Hamburg Higher Regional Court had to decide whether the claimant had a control and inspection duty under the Commercial Code and, if so, to what extent the damage should be reduced for reasons of contributory negligence. The decision clarifies that shippers can rely on carriers to provide a sound transport vehicle.

Authors: Lina Wiedenbach, Marco G Remiorz
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Geir Ove Røberg Contractual options for stranded assets

International - Wikborg Rein

Despite it being almost six years since the 2014 oil price crash, there appears to still be only limited appetite for new investments in the offshore space, with many offshore investors and other stakeholders appearing to be keeping their powder dry until more obvious signs of an upturn are visible on the horizon. This article examines the current situation and some of the contracting solutions in the offshore markets.

Authors: Geir Ove Røberg, Andreas Fjærvoll-Larsen, Mads Ødeskaug
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Morten Valen Eide Shipbuilding – consequences of disruption by buyers

Norway - Wikborg Rein

In the lead up to delivery under shipbuilding and offshore fabrication contracts where delivery is delayed, buyers may occasionally face claims that they have disrupted the contractor's progress in such a way that the contractor is entitled to an extension of the delivery date and/or damages for the additional costs incurred. A recent ruling from the Supreme Court involving land-based construction clarifies the requirements as to causation for such a claim to succeed.

Authors: Morten Valen Eide, Peter Jebsen
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Recent updates

Rajasingam Gothandapani Court of Appeal overturns High Court decision on breach of contract of carriage

Malaysia - Shearn Delamore & Co

Author: Rajasingam Gothandapani
Jesper Windahl Temperature deviation and gross negligence under CMR

Denmark - WSCO Advokatpartnerselskab

Author: Jesper Windahl
Herman Steen Supreme Court issues important decision on CTL in Renos case

United Kingdom - Wikborg Rein

Author: Herman Steen
Herman Steen UK Supreme Court decision in Renos case: position under Nordic Plan

International - Wikborg Rein

Author: Herman Steen
Wassilis Thomas Proof of carrier's qualified fault in case of partial loss of transported goods

Germany - Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

Authors: Wassilis Thomas, Olaf Hartenstein
Godofredo Mendes Vianna Is Brazil ready for IMO 2020?

Brazil - Kincaid | Mendes Vianna Advogados

Authors: Godofredo Mendes Vianna, Livia Sancio
Haco van der Houven van Oordt The Netherlands – a hotspot for provisional and conservatory measures

Netherlands - AKD The Netherlands

Author: Haco van der Houven van Oordt