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15 March 2019
Michael Woller Influencer marketing – Advertising Council adopts specific rules

Austria - Schoenherr Attorneys at Law

'Influencer marketing' means taking advantage of bloggers and other persons who have their own social media channels to promote goods and services. While the concept of transmitting arguably hidden advertising is problematic, there are many variations of this and the lines between hidden advertising and personal opinion are often blurred. As such, the Advertising Council recently issued guidelines for dealing with influencer marketing as a specific means of marketing communication.

Authors: Michael Woller, Dominik Hofmarcher
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Switzerland - Walder Wyss

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Russia - Gorodissky & Partners

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Authors: Samuel Yang, Yang Chen
Arthur Shay Huawei's deepening dilemma in Taiwan

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Upcoming events

IBA – Mergers and acquisitions in Latin America: challenges and best practices in era of compliance

20-22 March 2019 – Santiago, Chile

M&A activity in Latin America has experienced important changes and new challenges in recent years. Compliance and best practice have arrived in all jurisdictions, companies and law firms and now form part of a new landscape. Uncertainties are being left behind, but there is a lot to do to continue the growth in developing Latin American economies. This conference will address these changes and challenges, as well as the opportunities that the implementation of best practices can create.

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IPBC Europe 2019

March 27-28 2019 – Paris, France

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), European companies are faced with a number of exciting opportunities – but also significant IP challenges. At a time when old methods of managing IP are becoming redundant, IPBC Europe 2019 will explore how IP executives inside the continent’s businesses can devise and build sustainable value creation programmes in a rapidly changing world. At IAM’s IPBC Europe 2019 – taking place in Paris on 27 and 28 March – these issues and more will receive detailed consideration. Designed by and for European IP owners, the programme for IPBC Europe 2019 will explore how IP managers inside the continent’s businesses can devise and build sustainable value creation programmes in the rapidly changing world.

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IBA – 4th Mergers and Acquisitions in the Technology Sector Conference

28-29 March 2019 – Barcelona, Spain

This year’s conference will once again bring together leading professionals to debate the hottest M&A issues affecting the technology sector.

For more details go to: