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25 September 2020
Samuel Yang Shenzhen proposes local data protection regulations to protect data rights

China - AnJie Law Firm

The Justice Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality recently issued the Data Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for public opinion. The draft regulations define the concept of 'data rights' for the first time and set out the ownership of personal and public data. According to the draft regulations, no organisation or individual may infringe on natural persons' data rights in accordance with the law.

Authors: Samuel Yang, Yang Chen
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Jürg Schneider Telecoms surveillance legislation: Federal Administrative Court rules instant messaging app not a telecoms service

Switzerland - Walder Wyss

The Federal Administrative Court (FAC) recently issued a ruling concerning the status of instant messaging app Threema from a telecoms surveillance legislation perspective. The consequences of the FAC's ruling, if upheld by the Federal Supreme Court, would exonerate many over-the-top service providers (typically instant messaging and voice call providers) from certain obligations under telecoms legislation. However, businesses active in the telecoms area should nonetheless remain cautious.

Authors: Jürg Schneider, Hugh Reeves, Lucas Nanchen
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Arthur Shay Taiwanese 5G operators receive 'clean' 5G status

Taiwan - Shay & Partners

All five Taiwanese 5G operators were recently listed as 'clean' 5G networks by the United States. The National Communications Commission has welcomed this international collaboration and commented that similar programmes previously applied to Taiwan 4G networks and kept Chinese hardware companies such as Huawei and ZTE out of Taiwan's 4G infrastructure.

Author: Arthur Shay
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Recent updates

Bradley Kruger CIMA releases updated Rule and Statement of Guidance – Cybersecurity for Regulated Entities

Cayman Islands - Ogier

Authors: Bradley Kruger, Louise Mulè
Paul Van den Bulck DPA reprimands hospital for violating employee's access and information rights

Belgium - AKD

Authors: Paul Van den Bulck, Andrine Like
Samuel Yang State Council to formulate CII security protection regulations

China - AnJie Law Firm

Authors: Samuel Yang, Yang Chen
Arthur Shay Taiwan accelerates ban on Chinese OTT TV services

Taiwan - Shay & Partners

Author: Arthur Shay
Jürg Schneider FDPIC finds that Swiss-US Privacy Shield does not offer adequate level of data protection

Switzerland - Walder Wyss

Authors: Jürg Schneider, Hugh Reeves, Lena Götzinger
Federico Hernández Arroyo New digital services tax introduced

Mexico - Hogan Lovells BSTL SC

Author: Federico Hernández Arroyo
Bret S Cohen Final CCPA regulations approved, including additional changes

USA - Hogan Lovells

Authors: Bret S Cohen, Timothy P Tobin, Julian B Flamant
Sergey Medvedev New rules and procedures for blocking mobile apps distributing pirated content

Russia - Gorodissky & Partners

Authors: Sergey Medvedev, Ilya Goryachev

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