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11 June 2021

Comments sought on information security measurement and evaluation specification of apps

The National Information Security Standardisation Technical Committee recently issued the Information Security Technology – Personal Information Security Measurement and Evaluation Specification in Mobile Internet Applications (Draft for Comment). The draft for comment sets out the implementation processes for carrying out the measurement and evaluation of personal information security in mobile apps in accordance with the Information Security Technology - Personal Information Security Specification.

Samuel Yang Author: Samuel Yang

China | AnJie Law Firm

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Implementation of EU CDSM and Satellite and Cable Directives

With the recent publication of the Copyright Reform Act, Hungary is one of the first countries in Central and Eastern Europe to fully implement the EU Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive and the EU Satellite and Cable Directive. The Copyright Reform Act clarifies the responsibility of online platforms for the use of content under copyright protection uploaded on their platforms. It also strengthens the position of press publishers in relation to online use.

Márk Kovács Author: Márk Kovács

Hungary | Schoenherr

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Court finds immigration exemption under Data Protection Act non-compliant with GDPR

The Court of Appeal recently found that the immigration exemption under Paragraph 4 of Schedule 2 to the Data Protection Act 2018 – which disapplies some data protection rights where their application would be likely to prejudice immigration control – did not comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The judge concluded by saying that the appropriate remedy in a case of incompatibility was "a sensitive matter" and deferred a decision on relief, inviting further submissions in light of his findings.

Patrick Rennie Author: Patrick Rennie

United Kingdom | Wiggin LLP

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Recent updates

PDPA enforcement postponed again due to COVID-19 pandemic

Chotika Lurponglukana Authors: Chotika Lurponglukana | Ruengrit Pooprasert

Thailand | Veritas Law Limited

Significant change in communications security obligations for network and service providers

Gordon Moir Author: Gordon Moir

United Kingdom | Wiggin LLP

Comments sought on specifications for personal information de-identification

Samuel Yang Author: Samuel Yang

China | AnJie Law Firm

Providers of OTT services qualify as DCPSs

Jürg Schneider Authors: Jürg Schneider | Annemarie Lagger | Hugh Reeves

Switzerland | Walder Wyss

New mandatory national registry of mobile users

Luis Gerardo García Authors: Luis Gerardo García | Jorge Kargl

Mexico | Creel, Garcia-Cuellar, Aiza y Enriquez, SC

Harmony band in 6GHz for WiFi

Arthur Shay Author: Arthur Shay

Taiwan | Shay & Partners

Data protection regulation amendments: new matters to be disclosed

Oki Mori Authors: Oki Mori | Keiji Tonomura | Emi Fujisaki | Naoki Fukumoto

Japan | Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu