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Competition Authority imposes first fine for pre-implementation
  • Serbia
  • October 05 2017

The Competition Authority recently launched ex officio proceedings to investigate an acquisition of sole control by Prointer IT Solutions and Services doo over Alti doo. The investigation revealed that the concentration had been carried out without merger control clearance, leading the authority to fine Prointer din6.7 million.

Competition authority announces intention to change issuance of opinions
  • Serbia
  • March 02 2017

The Commission for the Protection of Competition recently announced that after 10 years in operation, it believes that it is time to introduce changes to its existing practice of issuing opinions on request by market participants. The commission will now focus on matters relevant to the implementation of regulations that either were never explored or require additional clarification due to the changes that have since occurred.

Competition Commission analyses insurance market
  • Serbia
  • February 16 2017

The Competition Commission recently conducted a competition assessment of the Serbian insurance market between 2012 and 2015. The main objective of the assessment is to determine the market structure and the relationships between the largest competitors, as well as to detect market weaknesses that may ultimately result in competition infringement.

Agency identifies markets which are subject to ex ante regulation
  • Serbia
  • September 22 2011

The Republic Agency for Electronic Communications has issued its decision on the identification of markets which are subject to ex ante regulation. The agency's decision lists the markets which have structural, regulatory and other long-term barriers preventing the entry of new competitors, in which it is impossible to develop effective competition without ex ante regulation.

Commission issues first decision in monster competition case
  • Serbia
  • January 13 2011

In late 2009 a new Competition Act entered into force giving the Commission for the Protection of Competition significantly more power to go after companies that have breached competition rules. Questions were raised as to how the commission would cope with the resultant workload. However, the commission recenty proved its doubters wrong by adopting its first major decision following an investigation into the sunflower oil sector.

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