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Gaming Regulator Issues New Regulations on Skill-Based Games
  • Italy
  • 29 November 2007

The State Monopolies Authority seems to have approached the regulatory leap into online and remote-access skill-based games with trepidation: forced by law to allow them, it has tried to do so in the most regulated and controlled way possible. Despite this approach, many aspects of the new regulations are unclear and potentially vulnerable to challenge by operators.

Online Betting Shops: What Does the Future Hold?
  • Italy
  • 25 October 2007

Betting operators and service users throughout Italy are familiar with punti di commercializzazione - shops or concessions which promote licensed online betting services and offer facilities for accessing such services. However, the gambling market has changed radically since the main regulating decree for such shops was introduced in 2006 and new legislation has put their future regulation in doubt.

Establishing a Travel Agency
  • Italy
  • 07 June 2007

The Italian authority with responsibility for granting a travel agency licence is the government office of the province in which the company in question intends to open the agency. The company must supply details of its corporate status and comply with certain financial and insurance requirements.

ECJ rules again on Italian gambling law
  • Italy
  • 22 March 2007

Gaming operators have welcomed the ruling issued by the European Court of Justice in the Placanica Case. Although the decision does not break new ground, it adds to the case law on the compatibility of Italian regulations on gambling with EU principles and confirms the principles established in the Gambelli Case.

New EU Challenge to Online Gambling Restrictions
  • Italy
  • 09 November 2006

The European Commission is once again preparing for infringement proceedings against Italy in relation to its restrictions on online gambling. The confusion over Italy's legislation and contradictory case law has highlighted the fact that the state is restricting betting services provided by operators without Italian licences while creating ever more licensed but inadequately monitored betting opportunities.

Further Challenge to Online Gambling Blacklist
  • Italy
  • 15 June 2006

A month after an Italian civil court ordered interim measures in favour of the operators of a gambling website which had been blacklisted by the State Monopolies Authority, the list of unauthorized websites has been challenged again, this time before an administrative court.

Court Upholds Appeal against Online Gambling Blacklist
  • Italy
  • 27 April 2006

Two months after the government introduced a blacklist of gambling websites to be blocked by Italian internet service providers, the courts have issued the first rulings on the attempted ban. The Civil Court of Rome has ordered the restrictions on access to a Maltese betting operator's website to be lifted, and all elements of the new regulatory framework are expected to be challenged at national and EU level.

Government Raises Stakes with Online Gambling Blacklist
  • Italy
  • 09 March 2006

The State Monopolies Authority has ordered Italian internet service providers to block access to unlicensed online gambling operators. However, the implementing resolution is clearly aimed at encouraging players back to traditional, taxable forms of gambling, even though European case law has established that the loss of tax revenue is not sufficient reason to restrict gambling services.

Package Travel and the Consumer Code
  • Italy
  • 26 January 2006

Italy's new Consumer Code sets out regulations for consumer protection in the travel industry, clarifying operators' and retailers' obligations and customers' rights. The legislation covers transparent advertising and terms of sale, the cancellation or alteration of a travel package, operators' liability and the provision of compensation.

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