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Arbitration & ADR

Party misconduct and escalating arbitration costs: who's to blame?
  • Kenya
  • 27 September 2018

Section 19A of the Arbitration Act was introduced to add statutory clout to party obligations, including the need for expedition during proceedings to minimise unnecessary expenditure. Despite Section 19A's mandate that parties fully cooperate in order to expedite the arbitral process, party misconduct remains an issue. Arbitrators must ensure that all of the minutes and orders for direction, as well as any arbitral awards, reflect the fact that parties can and will be held responsible for any delays in the proceedings.

Employment & Immigration

Fixed-term employment contracts and legitimate expectation for renewal
  • Kenya
  • 24 October 2018

The underlying understanding between the parties of fixed-term employment contracts is that once the fixed period has ended, the contract is automatically terminated without any further liability on the employer's part on account of unfair termination or redundancy. However, despite this apparently clear intention, Kenyan jurisprudence is awash with claims lodged by employees on the grounds that the non-renewal of such contracts amounted to unfair termination.

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