White Collar Crime, Turkey updates

Amendments to collection of electronic evidence procedures
Gün + Partners
  • Turkey
  • 24 September 2018

Computers, computer programs and records used by suspects are among the most important evidence for public prosecutors who carry out external investigations relating to white collar crime. There is no definition of 'electronic evidence' in Turkey, but Article 134 of the Code of Criminal Procedure sets out the procedure for searching, copying and seizing computers, computer programs and records. An amendment to Article 134 concerning the collection of electronic evidence procedures was recently published.

Attorney-client privilege in context of internal investigations
  • Turkey
  • 06 August 2018

In the absence of any clear guidance with regard to attorney-client privilege and white collar crime, the Competition Board's interpretation is a reference for future disputes and investigations. The board has held that companies subject to an investigation may refrain from disclosing their correspondence with their attorneys (and documents subject to this correspondence) provided that they explain who produced it and its purpose.

Turkey's Corruption Perceptions Index ranking falls again
  • Turkey
  • 19 March 2018

Transparency International recently published the 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index, which reflects the public sector corruption perspective of non-governmental organisations and representatives of the business world. Turkey came 81st out of 180 countries. This is the fourth consecutive year in which Turkey's ranking has fallen; it has lost 10 points and fallen 28 places over the past five years.

How to evaluate information provided by a whistleblower
  • Turkey
  • 05 March 2018

If the evaluation of a whistleblower report is completed without taking fundamental steps or necessary planning, it may result in an improper investigation and the inability to resolve the issue, or even the undertaking of an unnecessary investigation. It is therefore vital to adopt a policy on how to evaluate and treat future whistleblowers, inform employees accordingly and train decision makers in the company.

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