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Court dismisses summary procedure claim due to lack of jurisdiction
  • Israel
  • August 10 2017

The Tel Aviv District Court recently dismissed a summary procedure claim on the basis of forum non conveniens (ie, discretionary court power to dismiss a case where a more appropriate forum is available). The court ruled that the jurisdictional clauses found in the chain of agreements between the parties clearly pointed to alternative fora. Therefore, in the absence of any indication that the parties intended to grant jurisdiction to the Israeli courts, the court ruled that they were not the proper legal fora.

Liquidation proceedings in foreign jurisdiction not grounds for staying arbitral proceedings
  • Israel
  • April 20 2017

Israel's pro-arbitration position was recently affirmed by a district court decision refusing to grant injunctive relief that would have the effect of staying International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) arbitration even in the face of foreign insolvency proceedings. The Tel-Aviv District Court rejected a temporary injunction application to prevent an Israeli party from continuing arbitration with the ICC and ordered it to submit claims solely to the South Korean court overseeing the insolvency proceedings.

Supreme Court upholds district court decision to enforce ICC award despite public policy challenge
  • Israel
  • December 01 2016

The Supreme Court recently refused to hear an appeal of a district court decision to enforce an International Chamber of Commerce award in Israel challenged on the grounds of public policy. The Supreme Court supported the district court's determination that a party's agreement to resolve a dispute in accordance with a contractual arbitral provision does not estop it from claiming that the dispute is not governed by the same contract, and that raising such a claim does not constitute bad faith.

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