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Aviation security and safety standards
  • Nigeria
  • May 30 2018

It is important that the safety and security standards adopted in the Nigerian aviation sector be given proper attention to ensure the protection and safeguarding of all stakeholders against acts of unlawful interference or other threats. However, aviation security in Nigeria is fraught with challenges and this has brought about recent deliberations from the government, regulators, the aviation industry and the public.

Plans in motion to re-establish national airline: issues arising
  • Nigeria
  • May 23 2018

In May 2017 the Federal Executive Council approved the allocation of N1.52 billion for the financing of preparatory steps towards, among other things, the reintroduction of a national airline. While this is commendable, the need for a national carrier cannot serve as the conclusive basis for a decision that will have adverse effects on national and economic planning. As such, the government must carefully consider and address the concerns regarding the re-establishment of a national airline.

Making Nigeria a travel hub
  • Nigeria
  • November 22 2017

The Nigerian aviation industry has the potential to contribute in excess of 5% to the nation's gross domestic product and support over 1 million jobs. Nigeria's recent achievements and Level 3 rating in the state safety programme implementation process have positioned the country to become a travel hub. However, the inherent challenges facing the industry must be addressed before this status can be achieved.

The case for developing a policy and regulatory framework for business aviation
  • Nigeria
  • September 27 2017

The Nigerian business aviation industry has the potential to expand significantly as the economy grows and diversifies, but some issues must be addressed in order to maximise results. As such, the business aviation industry needs an effective policy that will harness its potential and attract more foreign investment, as well as address safety and national security concerns.

Civil Aviation Regulations 2015 – an overview
  • Nigeria
  • August 16 2017

The Civil Aviation Regulations were first promulgated in 2006 in order to establish national requirements that align with the Civil Aviation Act 2006. The regulations were most recently amended in 2015, following a review by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority which aimed to align the regulations with recent amendments to the standard and recommended practices contained in the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation and industry observations.

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