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Overview of new rules on employees' elected representation
  • France
  • April 04 2018

The new majority in Parliament has announced, and in some cases already enacted, many changes. Among them, those dealing with employees' representatives are important, as they reshape a significant part of the Labour Code. While these changes are not expected to radically alter industrial relations in the workplace immediately, some of the major modifications and their general characteristics are worth highlighting.

Burden of proof in sexual harassment cases: towards a presumption of guilt?
  • France
  • February 28 2018

Since the Harvey Weinstein case, French society has been shaken by a social media movement in which #balancetonporc ("denounce your pig") has prompted a frenzy of reactions, from women revealing incidents that they had previously kept to themselves to false accusations and endless debate regarding what is considered as offensive. The recent spotlight on this issue provides an opportunity to describe the system in place for cases of sexual harassment in the workplace.

New definition of 'redundancy'
  • France
  • January 03 2018

Since 2016 the government has modified the law on economic dismissal on several points. Under French labour law, any economic dismissal must be justified by actual and serious grounds. Among other recent changes, the introduction of the El Khomri Law has clarified the definition of 'economic motivation' to take into account the Court of Cassation's case law and added two new reasons to the list of economic grounds under the Labour Code.

New compensation rules applicable in case of unfair dismissal
  • France
  • October 25 2017

The new government has upheld its promise to reform French labour law and enacted five ministerial orders, one of which is dedicated to the so-called 'visibility and securing of working relationships'. In particular, a damages scale, which will be mandatory for the judge and parties, will be introduced to provide security and clarity regarding the consequences of potential litigation. This scale, through the predictability that it provides, is meant to remove uncertainty and allow the creation of jobs.

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