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Disability to be a protected characteristic under Jersey discrimination law
  • Jersey
  • May 23 2018

Effective from September 1 2018, the Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013 will be amended to include disability as a protected characteristic. The amending regulations will give individuals the right to complain to the Employment and Discrimination Tribunal when they believe that they have experienced discrimination. While many employers and groups will be familiar with the way that the regulations work, they should be taking steps to ensure that they are compliant ahead of the implementation date.

Can I enforce a dress code at work?
  • Jersey
  • February 21 2018

Employers can enforce dress codes only within the confines of the discrimination law. For example, a requirement for a female receptionist to wear high heels is illegitimate since no equivalent requirement is placed on male employees. Employers that want to enforce a dress code should consider the discrimination law and whether their proposals meet it. A recent Jersey case illustrates how this works.

Are you too interested in former employees' post-termination restrictions?
  • Jersey
  • November 08 2017

Lawyers are often asked to review employment contracts, including post-termination restrictions. It is increasingly common to see covenants that either restrict the former employee from holding any interest in a competing business or limit the amount of shareholding that they can have. If a contract uses this language, it could lead to the entire restrictive covenant being unenforceable.

£10,000 compensation cap applies per complaint, not per overall claim
  • Jersey
  • October 26 2016

A recent Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal case has provided guidance on the Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013. The case highlights some important points for businesses to remember, including that the £10,000 limit per complaint applies to each type of complaint (ie, direct discrimination, indirect discrimination or harassment).

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