Energy & Natural Resources, Hungary updates

New initiatives introduced to meet 2020 renewable energy targets
  • Hungary
  • October 03 2016

The government is supporting a range of projects to achieve its 2020 renewable energy targets, including Hungary's first small-scale geothermal power plant and an e-mobility action plan. Alongside these sector and project-specific incentives is the mandatory feed-in tariff system – an overall system of incentives for renewable energy intended to subsidise electricity that is produced from renewable, waste and co-generated energy.

FIT system: an overview
  • Hungary
  • September 19 2016

In 2003 the feed-in tariff (FIT) system was introduced to subsidise electricity production from renewable, waste and co-generated energy. In January 2008 MAVIR Zrt, which operates the FIT system, established the mandatory feed-in balance group. Electricity producers that are eligible to join the balance group are subject to certain requirements regarding annual production forecasts, payment obligations and takeover terms.

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