Energy & Natural Resources, Sweden updates

Government presents extension of electricity certificate system and increased target
  • Sweden
  • May 22 2017

The government recently presented a bill to Parliament suggesting changes to the electricity certificate system – Sweden's primary support system for renewable energy. Producers of renewable energy receive one certificate per megawatt hour of renewable energy produced. The government is now proposing to extend the certificate system to 2045 and to increase total quota obligations with an additional 18 terrawatt hours until 2030.

Cross-party policy agreement – 100% renewable by 2040, but no cut-off for nuclear
  • Sweden
  • August 08 2016

The government and three opposition parties recently reached an agreement on the long-term energy policy. Among other things, the agreement sets out that by 2040, 100% of Sweden's electricity production will come from renewable energy sources. However, according to the government, this goal should not be understood as a cut-off date for nuclear energy.

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