Energy & Natural Resources, Turkey updates

Recent developments in renewable energy market
  • Turkey
  • October 24 2016

In keeping with its energy strategy for 2015 to 2019 and its goal of improving the energy generation sector's investment environment, the government recently introduced significant legislative amendments. The amendments relate to the unlicensed electricity generation sector, the privatisation of the Electricity Generation Corporation and the introduction of renewable energy source regions.

Recent energy sector developments
  • Turkey
  • October 10 2016

There have been a number of recent developments that could affect the Turkish energy market, including the lifting of sanctions on Iran. In addition, there has been a move to repair diplomatic ties with Russia following the November 2015 jet crisis, which would be a major boost for the Turkish energy sector and the suspended Turkish Stream pipeline.

Recent legislative amendments in energy sector
  • Turkey
  • August 01 2016

The Grand National Assembly recently approved amendments that will have significant implications for the Turkish energy market and the renewable power sector. The amendments will affect overseas research activities, natural gas storage obligations, zoning restrictions for nuclear power plants and the requirements for renewable energy sources.

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