Insurance, Japan updates

Government calls for disclosure of sales commission from life insurance products with market risks
  • Japan
  • September 27 2016

In September 2015 the government published a policy encouraging financial institutions to act in good faith on behalf of customers and calling for financial institutions – such as banks selling investment trusts or savings insurance on behalf of insurers – to be more transparent in disclosing their sales commission. The Association of Life Insurance Companies recently published non-binding basic principles for such disclosures.

Are you willing to drive an autonomous car? Will it expose you to legal liability?
  • Japan
  • July 26 2016

Due to the ongoing global development and implementation of autonomous driving technologies, issues pertaining to damages liability in accidents and the institutional approaches to protect victims are of considerable importance. In light of this, the General Insurance Association of Japan recently released its Legal Issues on Autonomous Driving report concerning damages liability in accidents involving autonomous automobiles.

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