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IP protection for lighting management systems
  • Italy
  • May 28 2018

Lighting management systems represent both technical and legal challenges. Before disclosing a new creation, the relevant parties must assess the IP protection that is available and act accordingly. Companies that produce patentable inventions are advised to consult experts who can evaluate the best strategies to ensure that their innovation exploits its competitive advantage without being open to immediate and legitimate imitation by competitors.

Moral compass – case law on trademarks deemed contrary to public order
  • Italy
  • April 30 2018

Italian case law on trademarks deemed contrary to public order and accepted principles of morality is fully consistent with EU case law. Two rulings by the Specialised IP Division of the Court of Milan are of particular note in this regard. It is clear that, for both the Italian case law and scholars, the criterion of public perception must be applied in the same way in order to assess the validity of a mark and verify whether other signs interfere with it.

Italy ready to implement EU Directive on Trade Secrets
  • Italy
  • March 12 2018

The government recently submitted to Parliament the text of a draft legislative decree to implement the EU Directive on Trade Secrets. The main changes proposed include the alignment of domestic rules on trade secrets with international standards; the prohibition of trade in goods whose design, features, function, production or marketing significantly benefit from unlawfully obtained trade secrets; and the introduction of a regulation to protect the confidentiality of trade secrets in the course of judicial proceedings.

Delegation Act set to amend key matters concerning trademarks, patents and know-how
  • Italy
  • January 15 2018

The European Delegation Act 2016 to 2017 contains significant changes concerning IP rights, including the potential destabilisation of a system that has been acknowledged unanimously as satisfactory. Other changes concern the implementation of an EU directive in Italy in order to approximate the trademark laws of EU member states and the amendment of the Industrial Property Code in order to bring it into line with the EU rules on the unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court.

Collecting societies and the SIAE – another step towards liberalisation
  • Italy
  • December 11 2017

Lawmakers recently intervened in matters concerning collecting societies and copyright through the introduction of Decree-Law 148/2017. This new regulatory amendment further weakens the unjustified monopoly of the Italian copyright collecting agency. However, a number of issues concerning the new wording of Article 180 of the Copyright Law remain, which could result in the retention of inadmissible limitations contrary to EU law and the liberalisation of the market being deferred once again.

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