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New Act to Combat Money Laundering
  • Canada
  • 24 July 2000

The Canadian legislature has taken drastic steps towards combating money laudering. Bill C-22 was enacted on June 22 2000 and it intends to detect and deter money laundering.

Overview (June 2000)
  • Canada
  • 19 June 2000

Including: Bankruptcy Offences; Criminal Fraud; Criminal Participation; False Pretences; Forgery; Income Tax Evasion; Securities Fraud; Theft

Conditional Sentencing
  • Canada
  • 23 March 2000

In 1996 the legislature allowed for the possibility of conditional sentencing, but only recently has the court, through case law, set out the requirements for such a sentence to be imposed instead of a prison sentence.

New Legislation Makes Extradition Easier
  • Canada
  • 10 December 1999

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