Latest updates

Coverage level under deposit guarantee scheme reduced for overseas depositors
  • Norway
  • 08 February 2019

For many years, the coverage level under the Norwegian deposit guarantee scheme has been significantly higher than the target that was introduced by the EU Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive to achieve a fully harmonised coverage level. However, recent amendments to the Act on Financial Institutions and Financial Groups have reduced the coverage level for customers in the European Union that have deposits in Norwegian banks which offer services in their country on a cross-border basis.

FSAN publishes draft regulation on prudent consumer lending practices
  • Norway
  • 02 November 2018

In 2017 the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (FSAN) published guidelines on prudent consumer lending practices. However, in order to strengthen the FSAN's ability to ensure that the 2017 guidelines are actually implemented, it has now proposed that they be converted into a regulation. This would make it easier for the FSAN to impose penalties on institutions that fail to comply with the rules.

New court ruling on ownership of qualified interests in Norwegian financial institutions
  • Norway
  • 31 August 2018

The Oslo District Court recently ruled in favour of Netfonds Bank AS/Netfonds Livsforsikring AS and ordered the state to pay NKr55 million in damages for failing to comply with its obligations under the EEA Agreement. The case concerned the government's practice of denying licensing to financial institutions which have ownership positions that exceed 25% of their share capital. If it stands, the ruling should result in changes to both administrative practice and the new Financial Institutions Act 2015.

Financial Supervisory Authority proposes new rules on sale of savings products
  • Norway
  • 18 October 2013

Financial institutions sell various financial savings products to consumers, with mixed results for investors. Following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, many investors suffered huge losses on various structured products. In order to strengthen consumer protection, the Financial Supervisory Authority recently proposed amendments to the securities legislation, which contains provisions to increase sellers' obligations.

No manipulation of NIBOR?
  • Norway
  • 10 May 2013

In 2012 the Ministry of Finance asked the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (NFSA) to evaluate the system for fixing the Norwegian Interbank Offered Rate (NIBOR). The NFSA recently delivered its findings, concluding that it had found no evidence that NIBOR has been manipulated or that there had been attempts to manipulate it; however, it could not confirm that manipulation had not taken place.

Bondholders' trustee is not trusted all the way
  • Norway
  • 01 March 2013

Under Norwegian civil disputes legislation, it is a general rule that a party may not grant power of attorney to another party to represent it. The main rule is that the party wishing to obtain a judgment must appear as a party. However, bondholders' trustee Norsk Tillitsmann has tested this general rule by suing bond issuers as a party acting on behalf of bondholders. The Oslo City Court dismissed the lawsuit.

Bank deposit Guarantee Schemes Act to be amended
  • Norway
  • 01 June 2012

The deposit guarantee scheme, which covers aggregate deposits of each depositor up to Nkr2 million, is mainly funded by member institutions through an annual fee. However, this fee is not paid if the guarantee fund's own capital exceeds the minimum legal requirement. The Ministry of Finance recently proposed to abolish the use of the guarantee fund's upper limit to establish an exemption from paying the annual fee.

Changes to export financing regulations on the horizon
  • Norway
  • 02 March 2012

Until recently, Norwegian credit institution Eksportfinans ASA administered the government-supported export credit scheme and provided fixed-rate loans to buyers of capital goods – so-called commercial interest reference rate loans. Under the amended Capital Requirements Directive, the Ministry of Finance determined changes to the regulations concerning capital requirements and large exposures.

Financial assistance: implications for lenders of proposed legislative amendments
  • Norway
  • 02 December 2011

When dealing with buy-out and cross-border transactions, lenders often encounter financial assistance issues in relation to a proposed guarantee and security package, which may result in the proposed guarantee or security being refused or granted with limitations. If recent proposals are adopted, part of the uncertainty that exists will be removed – to the advantage of lenders.

Norwegian financial institutions show good results in the first half of 2011
  • Norway
  • 16 September 2011

Regulatory body Finanstilsynet has reported that Norwegian financial institutions enjoyed good results in the first half of 2011, but that uncertainties in the financial markets have resulted in a more challenging liquidity situation for Norwegian banks. They are also believed to be better prepared to weather market turmoil than they were before the financial crash of 2008.

Financial Supervisory Authority issues its 2010 Annual Report
  • Norway
  • 20 May 2011

The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority has published its 2010 Annual Report. The report outlines the most important events of last year with regard to regulatory issues and trends in the relevant markets, and sums up the results of 2010's supervisory activities.

Supervisor surveys banks' sales of financial instruments
  • Norway
  • 18 March 2011

The Norwegian financial supervisory authority, Finanstilsynet, recently accomplished an extensive survey of Norwegian banks' sales of financial instruments. The summary of its findings has been published, with banks asked to provide detailed statements of all completed sales of financial instruments as part of their customer investment services. In addition, eight banks were chosen to undergo on-location supervision.

New rules regulate remuneration in financial institutions
  • Norway
  • 14 January 2011

A new regulation on remuneration arrangements in banks and other financial institutions has come into force. The regulation lays down guidelines to enable financial institutions to put in place a remuneration arrangement valid for the entire institution which will set incentives for proper governance and control of risk taking, counteract excessive risk taking and help to avoid conflicts of interest.

New concession requirements for payment services
  • Norway
  • 08 October 2010

The Norwegian financial authorities have implemented requirements to seek a concession for carrying out payment services business in Norway. Payment services can now be carried out only by specified parties, including credit institutions, undertakings that issue means of payment in the form of electronic moneys and the Norwegian Central Bank in its capacity as a non-official authority.

Regulator proposes new bank remuneration rules
  • Norway
  • 09 April 2010

The Financial Supervisory Authority has proposed to amend Norway's capital requirements regulations by incorporating provisions on remuneration and bonuses in financial institutions. Among other measures, larger banks would be required to appoint a compensation committee, which would make all decisions on compensation.

Government Introduces New Banking Measures
  • Norway
  • 17 July 2009

Banks can now exchange covered bonds issued by covered bond issuers against short-term government papers. Another new measure is the creation of the Government Finance Fund, to which Parliament has allocated Nkr50 billion. Its purpose is to make temporary contributions to the core capital of Norwegian banks in order to strengthen them and place them in a better position to maintain normal lending activities.

New Covered Bond Legislation
  • Norway
  • 25 May 2007

Parliament has recently passed further amendments to the covered bond legislation. Pursuant to the new rules, Norwegian mortgage credit institutions will be able to issue bonds with preferential rights to all assets placed in the cover pool of the credit institution.

New Law on Financial Collateral
  • Norway
  • 22 July 2005

The EU Financial Collateral Directive was implemented in Norwegian law by virtue of the Law on Financial Collateral, which came into force on July 1 2004. The law allows for financial collateral where one of the parties is a public authority, a central bank or a specified international institution.

New Rules Governing Covered Bonds and Securitization
  • Norway
  • 15 July 2005

In 2003 Parliament passed an act amending the Financial Services Act 1988 to allow financial institutions to issue covered bonds and enter into securitization transactions. The Ministry of Finance has authority to issue detailed regulations applying to covered bonds. No regulations will be issued with respect to securitization.

Implementation of Market Abuse Directive
  • Norway
  • 12 April 2005

The Norwegian Parliament has adopted new legislation implementing the EU Market Abuse Directive. The new legislation replaces Chapter 2 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. Drafts for supplementary regulations to the new legislation, which is expected to enter into force in the first half of 2005, have been submitted to a public hearing.