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New trademark system's 'soft opening'
Mirandah Asia (Myanmar) Affiliate Office
  • Intellectual Property
  • Myanmar
  • 19 October 2020

Myanmar's recently enacted Trademark Law 2019 is gaining traction. The initial focus is on developing a system to register marks. This will be introduced in two phases: the 'soft opening' (which commenced 1 October 2020), followed by the 'grand opening' (scheduled for 1 April 2021). If a brand has taken any steps thus far to establish itself in Myanmar, this soft opening is a golden opportunity to get registered and stake a priority claim early.

Myanmar Ratifies ASEAN Charter as Political Deadline Looms
  • International Trade
  • Myanmar
  • 08 August 2008

Myanmar has become the seventh Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member to ratify the ASEAN Charter. The focus is now on Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, where approval has stalled over a combination of thorny political factors. Rejection of the charter by any of these large founding members would be damaging, but all three are expected to meet the target of the next ASEAN leadership summit.

Ian Mirandah
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