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More stringent requirements for listed companies' duty of disclosure
  • Denmark
  • 10 May 2011

From January 1 2011, issuers have a duty to publish internal knowledge as soon as possible if such knowledge can no longer be considered confidential, irrespective of whether the internal knowledge concerns matters that are uncertain (eg, information about ongoing negotiations which might not become a reality). The new rules aggravate the issuer's duty to disclose and place heavier demands on assessment of information.

Revised Recommendations for Corporate Governance
  • Denmark
  • 27 September 2005

The Copenhagen Stock Exchange Committee on Corporate Governance has published a report proposing a set of revised recommendations regarding the 'comply or explain' principle and the European Commission's recommendations regarding management independence and remuneration.

Parliament Adopts New Market Abuse Regulations
  • Denmark
  • 08 March 2005

The Danish Parliament has adopted new regulations on market abuse and prospectuses. The regulations implement, among other EU legislation, the EU Market Abuse Directive by amending the Danish Securities Act.

High Court Disallows Bonds Based on Listed Company Shares
  • Denmark
  • 23 November 2004

A court ruling has substantial ramifications for the financial industry and the possibility of developing new financial instruments linked to or derived from other financial instruments, since such instruments may now only be issued with the acceptance of the linked or derived financial instrument.

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