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Stricter rules for risk management of investment funds
  • Estonia
  • 08 December 2009

The call for tighter financial regulation can be heard everywhere - Estonia is no exception. The Financial Supervision Authority recently issued an advisory guideline to investment funds specifying the requirements for internal rules regarding risk management. The guideline, entitled "Requirements for the Management of Risks Related to the Investment of the Assets of a Fund", will enter into force on February 15 2010.

First North Baltic: The Baltic Alternative Market
  • Estonia
  • 18 March 2008

The harmonization of the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive with Baltic (Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian) financial market regulation has given the Baltic Exchanges the opportunity to establish the Baltic alternative market - First North Baltic - as a component of the First North alternative market of the OMX Nordic Exchanges.

Parliament Adopts Eurobonds Law
  • Estonia
  • 16 July 2002

According to the Act on the Issue of 2002 Bonds of the Republic of Estonia, the government may issue bonds worth up to €100 million for a five-year term. The issuing is aimed at international financial markets, with bonds being offered to investors outside the Republic of Estonia.

Parliament Simplifies Foreign Borrowing Procedure
  • Estonia
  • 28 May 2002

The Estonian Parliament recently adopted amendments to the Act on Foreign Borrowings and Issuing of State Guarantees to Foreign Loans by the Republic of Estonia. The amendments pave the way for the first international bond issue by the Republic of Estonia and expedite the country's foreign borrowing procedure.

Guarantee Fund Act Impacts on Financial Services Companies
  • Estonia
  • 16 April 2002

The new Guarantee Fund Act aims to protect investors by ensuring the functioning of guarantee schemes for compulsory pension funds in Estonia and introducing an effective mechanism for the administration of such schemes.

Parliament Adopts New Securities Market Act
  • Estonia
  • 19 February 2002

The new Securities Market Act replaces the Securities Market Act of 1993 for the purpose of regulating the domestic securities market in compliance with relevant EU and international standards, in order to ensure the efficient operation and transparency of the market and its integration with equivalent markets.

New Penalties Apply for Violations of Securities Market Act
  • Estonia
  • 11 December 2001

The new Securities Market Act and amending legislation brings the Criminal Code into line with the new act, and provisions are introduced regarding liability for manipulation in a regulated securities market.

Overview (September 2001)
  • Estonia
  • 25 September 2001

Including: Securities Market Regulation; Supervision

Reform of Financial Sector Supervision is Underway
  • Estonia
  • 19 June 2001

Parliament passed the Financial Supervisory Authority Act on May 9 2001. The act is based on the principle that the new Financial Supervisory Authority must enjoy political and financial independence in adopting decisions, and must have sufficient competence and resources for the performance of its functions.

Supervisory Authority Causes Heated Debates
  • Estonia
  • 24 April 2001

The draft Financial Supervisory Authority Act recommends the formation of a single financial supervisory authority as an independent government agency operating within the Ministry of Finance. After months of deliberation and a second reading, agreement has not yet been reached about the authority's subordination.

New Rules for Administration of Registry
  • Estonia
  • 23 January 2001

Regulation 116 governs the administration of the Central Register of Securities. The provisions detail the requirements for the exchange of information, and the procedures for maintaining the register and making entries therein.

All Change for Securities Sales and Inspectorate
  • Estonia
  • 23 January 2001

New regulations detail the procedure for the sale of securities owned by the state. Securities must first be entered in the state assets register and, if the sale is public, in the Central Register of Securities. The new statutes of the Securities Insepctorate stipulate the inspectorate's scope and powers as a government agency.

New Law on Central Register of Securities
  • Estonia
  • 31 October 2000

The new Central Register of Securities Act introduces provisions for the registration of shares and amends the Commercial Code regarding the regulation of shares. The act is effective from January 1 2001.

New Procedures for Public Issues
  • Estonia
  • 17 October 2000

A regulation introduces new procedures for the public issuing of securities. Issuers must now register securities with a new body, the Securities Inspectorate.

Overview (July 2000)
  • Estonia
  • 25 July 2000

Including: Securities Market Regulation; Supervision of Securities Markets

Parliament Overhauls Securities Legislation
  • Estonia
  • 30 May 2000

Although the Ministry of Finance is drafting a new Securities Market Act, immediate amendments have been introduced in the interim to rectify deficiencies in the existing legislation. The changes are set out in a new act which concerns public issues of securities and issues subject to prior registration with the Securities Inspectorate.

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