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Obtaining Spanish citizenship: Sephardic Jews
  • Spain
  • 23 November 2012

The term 'Sephardi' originates from a Hebrew word and refers to the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews who lived or live in the Iberian Peninsula. Those of Sephardic Jewish origin have the right to apply for nationality after two years of legal residency in Spain. Applicants must provide evidence of their Sephardic status.

Border control for non-EU travellers
  • Spain
  • 06 July 2012

New agreements were recently introduced regarding border control when visitors travel from Brazil or Mexico to Spain. Among other things, a new procedure has been agreed for direct communication between consular authorities and airport border patrol when travellers are denied entry at the Spanish or Brazilian border; and Mexican consular representatives will now be present at Spanish airports to provide assistance when flights arrive from Mexico.

New decree-law amends residency requirements
  • Spain
  • 11 May 2012

A new decree-law has amended the rules for EU citizens wishing to reside in Spain. Every citizen of an EU member state or a state that is party to the European Economic Area Agreement has the right to reside in Spain for a period exceeding three months if he or she fulfils certain conditions – for example, if he or she works or is self-employed in Spain.

Official letter of invitation for international visitors
  • Spain
  • 02 March 2012

Foreigners wishing to visit Spain for private travel purposes must obtain a letter of invitation as part of their visa application. The letter is an invitation to visit from a relative or close friend who is a citizen or legal resident of Spain. The person issuing the invitation must provide housing for the foreigner for the duration of his or her visit.

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