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New Insolvency Law drafted
  • Latvia
  • February 19 2010

The Saeima has adopted a new draft Insolvency Law in the first reading. If its adoption goes smoothly it will be the third law to have been introduced regulating the insolvency of companies and individuals within two years. The draft law aims to speed up insolvency proceedings in many ways and establishes rights and obligations of involved parties in more detail and more accurately.

Further Amendments to Insolvency Law Planned
  • Latvia
  • June 12 2009

Amendments are planned to a number of laws relating to insolvency proceedings in order to improve the efficiency of insolvency procedures and support the rehabilitation of companies that are experiencing financial difficulties. To this end, amendments are planned to the Insolvency Law, the Civil Procedure Law and the Credit Institutions Law.

Insolvency Law Amended
  • Latvia
  • February 27 2009

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the draft amendments to the Insolvency Law, which aim to improve the regulation of restructuring procedures for companies which have temporary financial difficulties and are expected to develop a programme to restore their solvency in full. The amendments also reduce the administrator's monthly fee from three monthly minimum salaries to one.

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