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Industry Update
  • Ecuador
  • 16 April 2002

This update reports on new developments in various sectors including developments to the national airport system and the government's plans to privatize the electricity industry.

Overview (September 2001)
  • Ecuador
  • 12 September 2001

Including: International Airports; Telecommunications; Electricity

Benefits Flood in from Water Services Concession
  • Ecuador
  • 20 February 2001

In March the government will grant International Water Services BV a 30-year concession to the potable water and sanitation services of Ecuador’s largest city. It is hoped that the move will not only improve these services, but also boost foreign investors’ confidence in the country.

Public Entities Consider Validity of Dispute Resolution
  • Ecuador
  • 19 December 2000

Companies that conduct business with foreign countries and their public institutions are sometimes not comfortable having their contractual disputes resolved by the courts of the contracting country. In Ecuador, the opportunity for government and public entities to submit to international arbitration is expressly contemplated in legislation.

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