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Government Issues Discussion Paper on National Infrastructure Plan
  • New Zealand
  • 29 September 2009

In preparation for the eagerly awaited National Infrastructure Plan, the National Infrastructure Unit has issued a paper to guide discussions with stakeholders. In addition to outlining the state of New Zealand's infrastructure, it describes certain principles for, and the likely direction of, future investment. It also contains a sector-by-sector description of existing infrastructure, planned investment and present policy.

Reforms Promise Greater Coordination in Infrastructure Investment
  • New Zealand
  • 16 June 2009

The government has pledged NZ$7.5 billion for infrastructure investment over the next five years and has addressed concerns over the lack of coordination in national or regional infrastructure planning. Among other things, a new Ministry for Infrastructure is reshaping and coordinating the government's infrastructure objectives and a new National Infrastructure Unit will formulate a national infrastructure plan.

Resource Management Act Reform Changes Projects Landscape
  • New Zealand
  • 03 March 2009

Changes to New Zealand's primary environmental legislation could have a significant impact on projects and procurement. Key aspects of the first phase of reform include streamlining processes for projects of national significance and removing frivolous, vexatious and anti-competitive objections, thus reducing competitors' capacity to use such legislation to delay or hinder projects.

Infrastructure on the Pre-election Policy Agenda
  • New Zealand
  • 09 September 2008

With a general election looming, infrastructure development and its importance to New Zealand's economic and social welfare are becoming a key part of the policy agenda. The deficit in infrastructure investment and the limited availability of public sector funding represent an opportunity for private sector investment in infrastructure.

Overview (February 2008)
  • New Zealand
  • 26 February 2008

Including: Legislation and Authorities; Resource Management Act; Public Sector Procurement; Private Sector Involvement and PPPs.

Land Transport Management Act Creates Open Road for PPP
  • New Zealand
  • 02 December 2003

The Land Transport Management Act was passed on November 6 2003. The final draft incorporated several important recommendations proposed by the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee in respect of public-private partnerships and road tolling.

Changes to Land Transport Funding and Planning Proposed
  • New Zealand
  • 25 February 2003

The simultaneous release of the Land Transport Management Bill and the Land Transport Strategy signifies a marked change in New Zealand's land transport funding and planning policy. The bill provides for private sector participation in roading schemes, and establishes generic rules for tolling and public private partnerships in land transport infrastructure.

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